Dr. Christoph Schwinghammer
I'm a surgeon, endoscopist, sportsman, photographer, webdesigner and blogger


This post is about an austrian artist, who has his roots in street art and graffiti. I adore his work and I’m very happy that his most recent work is placed in my city. So as soon as I heard about this, I took my bike plus my camera and drove to the location. Here it is in its full glory, the Translucent Serpent (click the picture to enlarge):

Translucent Snake by Nychos

I absolutely love it! If you don’t know the man you have to check out his work:



Christoph Schwinghammer

I'm a general surgeon and endoscopist, currently occupied at the Kepler University Hospital in Linz, Austria. Further I'm a sport enthusiast, amateur photographer and freelance web designer.

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